By connecting i-GSN’s in house developed products and the other 3rd party strategic partners, you will have a fully functional operation. i-GSN aim is to provide its clients with a complete solution which is vital to thrive in this extremely competitive environment.

Our team will guide you in every step of your venture by discussing your needs and offering you a personalized, market driven solution. Once licensing (we can also discuss and offer a White label solutions), banking and payment processing are set up, the product mix is defined and 3rd party content is integrated with one seamless integration. Our Portfolio includes:

  • Account Management System
  • Multilingual platform and CRM Tools
  • Affiliate & Acquisition Marketing tools
  • Sportsbook
  • Live Games
  • Live Casino
  • Online Casino
  • Scratch Cards & more…

Our efforts will be to improve and support your casino to guarantee you a successful operation.

i-GSN provides e-gaming platform services.


Sports Book

We offer a fully functional online sportsbook suite including integrated applications such as:

  • Creation and management of accounts
  • Creation of e-bet slips
  • Placement and management of bets
  • Settling bets by crediting or debiting accounts

I-GSN application has all of the modules which are prerequisites for running a successful betting business. The application offers both pre-match and Live betting. Our web application is fully compatible with betting shop integrations.

The application offers:

  • Creating and editing matches
  • Monitoring & control of risk management
  • Custom reporting
  • Monitoring and setting of odds
  • Predefined odds structure
  • Odds comparison

Additional benefits of our betting system are:

  • Online and offline betting
  • Centralised control for managing the entire business
  • Various betting options: shop, online, mobile, teletext and telephone betting
  • Daily coverage of sports events
  • Efficient and user-friendly terminals
  • Real-time risk management and fraud detection toolsv
  • Available 24/7
  • Multiple transaction processing
  • Data protection and recovery

Our sports betting system is synchronised with OddsLead but can be customised to integrate with other odds providers also.

The Application is simple to use, with real time updates from odds providers and responsive modern design. Other features include:

  • Simple and advanced E-Bet slip management
  • Easily integrated into already existing set-ups
  • Odds can be scaled to fit your needs
  • Efficient, user-friendly & reliable
  • Secure and transparent
  • Vast reporting tools
  • Multiple languages
  • Fully scalable
  • Cost effective
Live Games

Live Games

BY connecting the traditional betting with popular lotteries and casino table games, we are bringing innovation to the gambling industry.
The players experience real Live action with games starting every 3 to 5 minutes adding more excitement to the games. The professional presenters guide the players throughout the whole game giving them a personalised experience with their friendly and charming approach. The chat facility enables the player to have a direct interaction with the presenter.
That's not all...
We have accumulated a vast experience in the gambling business, working only with the best technologies which are duly tested, reliable and set to meet the highest quality standards.

Products Overview

Lucky 5

is a game which combines traditional betting with the popular lottery and consists of having 36 numbered balls in 4 different colors

Lucky 7

is a game which combines traditional betting with the popular lottery. The game consists in having 42 numbered balls, half of which are black and the other half are yellow.

Bet on Baccarat

rules and gameplay are very similar to the Standard Baccarat (referred also to as Punto Banco)

Bet On Poker

Poker is a real-time game having rules and procedures very similar to the “Texas Hold'em Poker”


is a unique and dynamic betting game for intrepid players. The presenter throws 5 hexahe dral dices with numbers from 1 to 6.

Live Casinos

Live Casinos

I-GSN presents several live dealer casino platforms that add lots of interactivity to the video broadcast, creating a fun and engaging environment for users, while enriching the product selection for the operators.

We provide some of the world’s leading providers of video-streamed live dealer gaming solutions, working with several top brands in this market. I-GSN solutions include Online Live Casino games on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Apart from offering 3rd party live dealer solutions we can also supply a complete facility to Land based casinos or studios.

All our hardware integrates seamlessly with real casino tables giving the online player a more vivid sensation and thrill of the game, while maintaining a secure connection to our Gaming Services, broadcasting your results in real-time anywhere on your network. Installation times can vary according to the needs and specifications of the land based casino but usually this process is conducted efficiently in a timely manner.

The highly sophisticated engine is the core that provides all the components for a successful live gaming operation.



I-GSN provides a world selection of games from top providers, such as Netent, Microgaming and more.
With a variety of 1,000 casino games the operator can decided which games to launch and players have complete flexibility in choosing their desired games which are seamlessly integrated into a single casino core.

The Casino product is also modular which gives the operator the possibility to take such rich product on its own. The operator can pick as many casino provider he likes under a seamless wallet.

Our bonus system allows the operator to set promotions across numerous vendors and wagering contributions The Bonus management and frequent player points are managed via one unique backoffice.