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i-GSN modular full fledge platform has a wide selection of options for operators to pick only what closely matches their requirements in order to upgrade their existing offering and increase their ROI from existing DB. Our platform handles a wide range of services, including Player Handling, 3rd Party Integration, CMS and Payment Processing. The Platform supports the vast majority of APIs, various affiliate management systems, email marketing and fraud detection solutions. You can add additional 3rd party software upon request.

Our solution ensures lower operating costs, facilitating operators to start small and rapidly build their presence in the market. i-GSN platform is compliant with multiple regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority and all is audited adequately.

Each product is integrated into the system and work seamlessly together in a single management platform. Any new product you decided to add to your operation is simply plugged-in and instantaneously available from the identical interface increasing cost-efficiency and profitability with every product you add.

By giving your customer more possibilities for choice, you also gain useful information about their behavior and can modify solutions and tailor bonuses to improve customer’s loyalty. Furthermore to our technology expertise, we offer you a thorough knowledge of the market.

In a nut shell our system gives you the full liberty to choose the channels you want to use being the web, mobile applications, interactive TV, betting shops or a combination of all combine them all.

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Service Overview Diagram

i-GSN Platform
Service Overview Diagram

Turnkey Platform

I-GSN Turnkey platform provides the complete gaming package:
  • Completely customizable back office
  • System has a Responsive Design
  • Robust & Flexible
  • Able to integrate to any third Party
  • Fully adjustable game limits
  • Dynamic Fraud Prevention tools
  • Seamless integration
  • B2B & B2C oriented
  • Complete stand-alone affiliate system
  • Staff creation &permission access
  • All the changes and updates are Audited

We offer low start up fees and fast integration with predefined product solutions.

Multi System Solution

I-GSN system is multi-currency and multi-language offering the possibility to reach both Europe and Asian regions. The flexible structure of this system makes it easier to integrate with multi third party products minimizing your operational costs.

Modular Application

I-GSN modular platform enables flexibility of operations and makes integrations to 3rd party products, services and content really easy. One single Platform satisfying the needs of the most exigent customer.

Account Management

Create, Access and fully manage player’s accounts. Collect data, assess risk, analyze potential fraudulent behaviour. Our system keeps everything logged for complete analysis and control. From here you can request KYC documents and save them directly on the system for fast access.

Some other features include:
  • Player’s localisation
  • Kick Function
  • Categorization of Players
  • Session handling
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Wager statistics and more….

Affiliate Management System

The system embraces a full Affiliate Marketing system to manage and supply marketing material for affiliates. Apart from this we also supply a multi-tier affiliate management system where the affiliates can monitor their revenues, create sub-affiliates and review activity.

Bonus Management

Our bonus and rewards program is totally customizable and fully automated which can be applied to all vendors. The return to the player is always kept monitored and fair and you will be able to promote one or more bonuses at the same time. Make use of event alerts to keep you up to date on which players are getting which bonuses and also keep players informed. Special bonuses can be allocated creating loyalty and increases player retention.

Bonus functions include:
  • Bonus life span
  • Product
  • Cross-selling
  • Restrictions
  • Specific bonuses for specific groups

The system offers total bonuses control: You will be able to create specific bonuses defined by specific criteria, how to credit the bonus, to set up the desired wagering requirements, to choose when the bonus is released to your players,  so on so forth……

Fraud Prevention tools

The system comes complete with both Internal and external fraud prevention tools helping to limit charge-backs, keeping your players’ security safe while enjoying their gaming.

Some of the features are:
  • Automated alerting system
  • Kick Function
  • Auto-lock accounts
  • Customer behaviour tracking
  • Account limit
  • Geo localization

The system offers total bonuses control: You will be able to create specific bonuses defined by specific criteria, how to credit the bonus, to set up the desired wagering requirements, to choose when the bonus is released to your players,  so on so forth……


The system offers a variety of reports one can choose from, however you will be able to create any needed report instantly.

  • Reporting on users and payments processors
  • Integrate your preferred CRM system
  • Reporting across multiple vendors
  • View and create customized reports
  • Real-Time income reports
  • User gameplay activity by date
  • Deposits and withdrawals by currency
  • Monitor user won/loss statistics
  • Track logins and activity history

Marketing Tools

Our fully integrated CRM system will help you organize, automate, marketing and improve customer service, The Live Chat support tool will allow you to have a direct person to person communication with your customers. The CRM will also be essential to improve your customer retention by gaining and developing players’ trust with individual and personal support.

Payment Systems

  • Integrated with all major online e-wallets, credit card companies and local payment providers
  • Advanced risk management and fraud system that ensures a seamless and secure deposit and withdrawal user experience
  • Additional providers can be added on request
  • Supports all currencies
  • Payment optimization and card routing
  • Extensive reporting on transactions
  • Detailed transaction history and search
  • Risk management and ID verification

I-GSN integrated payments system supports all major payment methods. You can integrate specific payment methods rapidly, allowing yourself and your players to choose from a variety of payment options.

Our Backoffice provides all functions such as financial management (e.g. player and affiliate payments), technical maintenance, player support, player retention and more.

Live Monitoring

Our System provides the possibility to  monitor data in Real time. Further data can be added at the operator’s request. Data updates every 10 minutes or can be instantly refreshed through the refresh button.

Currently the Live dashboard shows data for:
  • Last Alerts
  • Last withdrawals
  • Last Deposits
  • Recent KYC
  • Last tickets
  • Last Active users
  • Real Time Server Load

The all-integrated back office allows to integrate any kind of gaming software into one single wallet system. Full control on Real-time analysis and statistics will help you monitor your promotions and advertising campaigns across all gaming vendors.

Our Team will take care in adding additional third-party software upon request in a timely manner.